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At mariaquinn.com we help businesses to improve how they work and enable them to cut costs by developing and maintaining Bespoke Software Solutions that target their specific business problems, be they large or small.

Being an independent company, we can be flexible in our approach. For example, we offer an outsourced IT service to some customers, and work alongside an in-house IT department with others.

We offer an exceptionally high level of expertise whilst remaining friendly, approachable and honest. We have been delivering successful IT solutions to small and medium-sized businesses since Maria Quinn set up the company in 2004.  We are proud to say that most of our work is repeat business for happy customers!

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the leading technologies, we are able to come up with a working solution for a huge range of IT problems. Don’t believe us? Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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These are just some of the software solutions we have delivered to our customers:

  • An eBook lending system for libraries
  • An industry standard system for managing book returns via EDI and the web
  • An EDI interface for book ordering
  • A school textbook e-catalogue and procurement tool for schools
  • An asset management system for an IT hosting provider
  • A product research and quotation tool integrated into Excel
  • An ETL solution for incoming EDI invoice processing
  • A clinic management application for the NHS

We can save your business time and money by:

  • Enabling separate computer systems to talk to each other
  • Automating tedious manual back office procedures
  • Improving your system security
  • Monitoring your IT services
  • Investigating why your website or server is running slowly
  • Helping you solve a technical problem

How can we work with you?

Our infrastructure allows us to work remotely with clients across the entire United Kingdom, including Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Exeter.

We use VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology where appropriate to ensure that communications are secure.

Most of our day-to-day communications are conducted by telephone or email, but we are happy to arrange site visits and face-to-face meetings where required.

All data and information about your business are treated as confidential and never shared with any third party.

Contact us today so that we can talk through the best options for your company.

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