Bespoke Software Development

We are experienced in delivering software solutions that address business problems of any size. We offer different approaches to suit any size of project or budget.


Small Tree

Small, incremental solutions which grow with your business

Using this approach we aim to work as much as possible with your existing infrastructure, or start by developing a small piece of software to address one specific area, gradually improving and extending the system as we go along. Each enhancement is typically small, inexpensive and can be delivered within a short timescale.

This means that you can start to benefit from the change relatively quickly and you will always have a working system. This approach is flexible as it allows businesses to modify their requirements as the system evolves.

The AutoQuote system that we developed and now maintain for Mallory International Ltd, started off in 2004 as a basic product research tool integrated into Excel to automate the task of transferring product information from an external database into a spreadsheet. It proved to be such an improvement over the time-consuming manual operations that it replaced, that the customer asked us to extend it to pull in product information from a variety of different data sources, including online databases. This system now plays a significant role in driving the business and continues to grow and evolve with the company.This project is covered in more detail in the AutoQuote Case Study.

…we have been able to experiment with new ideas without having to specify them in detail …  So we have been able to innovate extremely quickly and relatively cheaply. Julian Hardinge, Chairman, Mallory International Ltd


Large tree

Custom-built software solutions

This approach can be taken for larger projects, where you may not have an existing system to meet the needs of your business, or where your existing system is not fit for purpose. We can provide a bespoke software solution to any problem. The overall cost will depend on the complexity of your needs, but we aim to keep costs down by using free and/or open source components wherever possible (as seen in our Baobab eBook Lending System Case Study). We will advise you on realistic timescales at the beginning of the project and keep you up to date with our progress throughout.

Batch Ltd runs a service for their customers to handle book returns between booksellers and suppliers. Their legacy Returns application did not properly implement all of the industry standard rules for returning books, and the web-based interface was dated and some features did not work. They asked us to implement a replacement in 2009. The new Batch Returns system addresses all of the shortcomings of the previous system, and has a slick, modern and intuitive web interface.

This is covered in more detail in our Batch Returns Case Study.

They are always looking for a better way to do things and if something needs doing they do it. Fraser Tanner, Managing Director, Batch Ltd

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