Highlands Aneurysm Screening Project


Project Start: 2001
Delivered: 2002 with ongoing support and updates by mariaquinn.com from 2004 - 2012


Raigmore Hospital Department of General Surgery started an Aneurysm Screening Program for patients in the Scottish Highlands and Islands in 2001. They needed a system to allow admin staff to set up clinics in various locations, and arrange appointments for patients to attend the clinics for a scan. Scan results would be fed back into the system, triggering appropriate outcomes such as a rescan or referrals for surgery.

The Highlands Aneurysm Screening Program (HASP) System was produced by a team headed by Maria Quinn at Foremost IT that year, and adopted by mariaquinn.com in 2004.  We continued to develop and support the application until it was retired in 2012.

The system comprised a series of web-based data entry screens, a reporting subsystem for analysing patients’ scan results, and an interface with Microsoft Word Mail Merge for producing patient appointment letters and letters to GPs.

Technical Description

The HASP system was built with an Oracle database at the back end.


The system was used by admin staff at the Department of General Surgery, Raigmore Hospital, who were also very involved at every stage of the development process.


  • Flexibility – clinics were very easy to set up and appointments were allocated automatically based on flexible criteria entered by the hospital staff. Patients who could not attend were automatically entered back into a pool and re-invited at a later date.
  • Functional – built in close collaboration with its intended users, the system was very functional and easy to use.
  • Life-saving and life-enhancing for patients – the HASP helped Raigmore Hospital to manage a very successful screening programme and many lives were saved as a result.