EDI Invoice Loading Software


Project Start: May 2013
Delivered: December 2013, and work is ongoing


Mallory International needed a solution to alleviate the time-consuming and error-prone process of supplier invoice data entry. Many of their larger suppliers were able to provide invoices in electronic format (EDI), so we built them an automated invoice loader to handle this process.

Technical Description

This is an ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) process implemented using Pentaho to read in EDI Invoice files and write them to a SQL Server database, to be matched against existing Order records.


This is largely an automated process running in the background and requiring no end-user interaction.


  • Reliable – the system extracts data from the invoice and loads it reliably into the customer’s back office system without any manual intervention.
  • Quick  – it results in substantial time savings, leaving staff to concentrate on a much smaller volume of invoices from suppliers who are not yet enabled for EDI.
  • Cost savings – fewer employees are needed to handle incoming invoice processing, giving them more time to perform other valuable tasks within the business.


Microsoft SQL Server, Pentaho Data Integration