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Mallory International is a leading provider of worldwide bookselling services, exporting books, journals and educational products to Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

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  • Julian Hardinge, Chairman

    "Maria's work for Mallory International has been an important factor in the growth of the business. She has been flexible, and quick, and has a very good understanding of what we need, and how our operation works." (Written in 2013)
  • Julian Hardinge, Chairman

    "Maria Quinn has handled almost all our software development at Mallory International for several years. She is an extremely talented programmer and developer, but her truly outstanding capability is her ability to understand and implement what we want with minimum specification. As a result we have been able to experiment with new ideas without having to specify them in detail, in the confidence that Maria will be able to sort out any problems, or make adjustments in the light of experience. So we have been able to innovate extremely quickly and relatively cheaply. We can recommend her extremely highly." (Written in 2009)